Bell Always - In Blue Sky
(music video, 2018)


The trio made up of Nir Tsfaty (vocals, synth), together with Alon Peretz (guitar) and Kobi Aroussi (drums), based its music on the principles of minimalism.


The trio has evolved in intimate studio sessions in Tel Aviv - performances for small audiences by pre-registration, in which the listeners are scattered across the room. The absence of a border between the band and the audience creates a special connection, atmosphere and a strong musical experience among all those who are present.


The sound of Bell Always is influenced by different styles including British Alternative Rock, Kraut-Rock and Minimalism in classical and electronic music.

Their album, Daylight Slowly Fades, written by Nir Tsfaty and co-produced by Aviv Meshulam, deals with themes such as unfulfilled love, solitude and emotional ambivalence.

Bell Always - Daylight Slowly Fades albu


Noria was formed in 2008 at The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, by Nir Tsfaty(vocal, guitar) and classmates Dotan Moshonov(keyboard, vocal) and Alon Peretz(guitar), and later joined by Orri Dror(bass guitar) and Noa Segal(drums).

The band's influences included British rock-pop, post-rock and indie and alternative acts of the 2000s.
In 2011, Noria released their debut E.P, Anthers, produced by Oren Eytan. The single Last Sunset was selected as Song of The Week by the Israeli national radio station, 88fm, followed by a concert at InDNegev Festival that year.
In 2013, Noria released their first and only full-length album, Clear Backgrounds, which they have written and produced themselves. Their single "My Heart & My Mind" was selected as Song of The Week by 88fm that year. In 2014 the band released their self-produced song Home, followed by remixes by Asonat and lead singer Tsfaty. The song caught the attention of the Israeli national radio stations and got into the playlist of Galgalatz national station.
In 2015 the band has participated in two tribute releases - to Elliott Smith, with a cover for Twilight, and to Sigur Ros, with a cover for Vaka.


Noria Clear Backgronds
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